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You are a diver, and your submarine has crashed on the ocean floor. When you come to, your crew is nowhere to be found, with nothing but a strange call to guide you.


Game/Level Design: Roger Liu, Joe Cossins, Matthew Bofenkamp, Sam Riordan, Miguel Gatmaytan

Programming: Roger Liu, Joe Cossins

Art: Sam Riordan, Matthew Bofenkamp

Writing: Miguel Gatmaytan, Sam Riordan, Matthew Bofenkamp

Music: Matthew Bofenkamp

Sound Design: Matthew Bofenkamp (Calling noise only)

Production: Miguel Gatmaytan

Install instructions

Unzip the folder specific to your machine. Open the .exe for windows and the application for mac.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game is designed for connecting a Nintendo GameCube to the computer. If you do not have one, the in-game controls will be altered as follows (presented in form GameCube control -> mac/windows control):

A -> Z

B/X/Y -> X

Grey Joystick -> Arrow Keys

L/R -> A/S

Z -> Spacebar

Up Button -> 1


Challenger Deep - Windows.zip 44 MB

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