A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An apocalypse has struck the cheese world! As a final effort to restore the empire to its former glory, Master Muenster has summoned you, the great Cheesus, in hopes that you can summon the great cheese god, the Bleus Gex. Run and jump through the last intact pieces of land, fighting the vicious cheese-eaters that plague what remains of the world to gain the ingredients needed to make the holy potion to bring back the Bleus Gex.


Game Design by Sam Riordan, Matthew Bofenkamp, Miguel Gatmaytan, and Shawnee Zheng

Programmed by Matthew Bofenkamp

Art by Sam Riordan and Shawnee Zheng

Written by Miguel Gatmaytan

Norsk bokmål translation by Matthew Bofenkamp

Install instructions

Download the appropriate file based on your operating system. Open the application for mac and the .exe for windows. 1280 x 800 pixels recommended. Use arrow keys and spacebar to move.


A Queso Missing Gods.app.zip 13 MB
A Queso Missing Gods - PC.zip 44 MB
Et Tilfelle av Tapet Guder.app.zip 13 MB


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I tried it but I'm afraid I realized too late what the mission appears to be. :)